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"I have turned Brent loose not only on projects for my own company but also my clients. WOW,  his creative juices have flowed and we have all benefited from his wonderful talent. If you are looking for someone to shake up your world and attract customers Brent is the guy. His commitment to a project and execution is fantastic and he is reasonably priced and a real find in the industry."


Bill Carlson
Owner/President at WRC & Associates, Inc.

“A true professional from start to finish! Great Results, High Integrity and Creative.”


Charlene Conway Owner,
Carousel Family Fun Center

“Brent is a multi-talented artistic visionary working in many media who can produce public murals, paintings, screenplays, video works, signs, sculpture, logos, faux painting on furniture, and catchy memorable graphics with cost-effective precision. He does not aim to satisfy his clients, but positively thrill them!”


Kenneth Proudfoot
Entrepreneur and consultant

“I've worked with Brent several times on similar arts related projects, and the results have always been great. Brent takes each task individually. I've worked with Brent together on both public projects and for my own business, and I've always been most impressed with his efforts. He takes time to listen to his clients needs and provides a style complimenting the project . He is easy to work with, honors deadlines and works within budget. I've noticed that no project is too big or small for Brent - whether it be working in schools on student art projects, public murals or small advertising needs. I can highly recommend!”



Pat Zacks
Owner, Camera Werks


"Brent and I met many years ago when he was hired to create murals within the then-newly established Highlander/ CityArts educational space in Providence.  His wisdom and ability to work with all students on designing and implementing creative solutions to beautification within the walls of our school building instantly struck me.  While painting murals with the students, he wove science lessons, geography and more into his work.  I was intrigued.


Soon after, Brent was hired as Program Director at CityArts.  Working closely, I was able to see his multifaceted talents really shine.  A lifelong painter, Brent easily shifted roles into project management, organizing student programs, supervising staff and students, managing materials and growing the art’s organizations course catalog and enrollment numbers.


His hyper focus on connecting art to place making, environmental causes and job creation is unmatched.  Anywhere you go in Providence, his work is inventive, thought provoking and highly visible- from overpass murals to waste bins to anti-litter signage campaigns. 


And although much of his work has been independent, Brent is a social being, a team player that thrives in a creative setting.  He is able to lead and follow, listen and inspire."


Dana Borelli-Murray
Executive Director at Highlander Institute

“Brent is one of the most creative people I know. He always brings an arsenal of ideas to the beginning of any job, and follows through with amazing attention to detail. He's adept at working at any scale; from tiny miniature sculptures to building-sized murals. Truly versatile!”


Liz Goulet Dubois
Illustrator and product designer

“Brent worked as a VOLUNTEER on several designs for the show posters and multiple-step Benefit invitations, posters etc for the organization I run, THE MANTON AVENUE PROJECT. He did so in a very dedicated and diligent way, despite his lack of pay. His work is great and HE is great!!!! You should hire him!!”


Jenny Peek
The Manton Avenue Project

"The finishing touch to a great restoration and remodel of the exterior. Congrats ROLLARAMA. Great new look, that starts telling the story about what is going on inside. A+. "  


Bill Carlson
Owner/President at WRC & Associates, Inc.

"I love Brent designing my work. He created our website and some of our print graphics. He has always been timely and creative."


Brian Eversman
Owner, Skate America Skating Center

"Brent has designed and painted the interiors of both of my rinks, has created our  amazing website and does all of my graphics. I would be lost without him and his limitless creativity! " 


Charlene Conway
Owner, Carousel Family Fun Center

"We wouldn’t attempt a new renovation or important flyer without Brent. He has worked with us on all of our interior improvement as well as our graphics. Over fifteen years of first class artwork!"        


Dan Wortman
Owner, United Skates of America

"Since starting to work with Brent, we have noticed a definite increase in attendance at our special events. Also, there are very few flyers being discarded in the parking lot.  These are keepers! "      


Denise Pearson
Owner, Fun Spot Skating Center

"Since starting to work with Brent, we have noticed a definite increase in attendance at our special events. Also, there are very few flyers being discarded in the parking lot.  These are keepers! "      


Denise Pearson
Owner, Fun Spot Skating Center

"Brents' original concepts gave us exactly what we were looking for. He brought to life what we could only envision in our minds, and turned our dream for the exterior of our facility into a reality. We cannot wait until we can have him back to help us with the interior!"


Scott & Sue Newberry
Owners, Rollarama Skating Center

"I love Brent designing my work. He created our website and some of our print graphics. He has always been timely and creative."


Brian Eversman
Owner, Skate America Skating Center


"I just want to say the murals put up in United Skates of America (specifically the black and white retro space ones) had a very strong and surreal effect on my childhood imagination that it helped shape my contemporary creativity in so many ways.


Why specifically those I'm not even sure but its become a textured dream like memories that fill me with a sense of liberation on the imagery I hope my music can execute.


I'm sure there's no point in me thanking you for unintentionally inspiring me but to me it helps merge and solidify these amazing nostalgic dreams into the real world."


Bryon Leon
Inspired Child

"The wrap looks good, great  job!"


Rob Egan
Owner, Great Skate

"Brent was a pleasure to work with!  He had great ideas, his creative artwork was all hand done, the project was completed in the time he guaranteed and he was quite willing to help with minor details afterward. Our rink has been rejuvenated with a new refreshing look which we've had many compliments from customers. I would highly recommend Brent and use his services again in the future!"        


Jason Seplowitz
Owner, Ron-A-Roll Skating Center

"Brent, you did a great job and I will definitely be in touch with you about future murals, I am sure!"

Colleen Daley Ndoye
Barton Street Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator

"A fantastic success!  I was so happy to hear from the volunteers and the kids that worked there how much fun they had!"

Heather Senecal - Pawtucket Foundation

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the fantastic work you did at our skating center. Our customers were extremely impressed. I know you put in a lot of long hours and were able to work around our schedule and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated it. People are amazed at the detail in our laser tag arena and our Fun & Games Theater, as well as the rest of our facility. But the Aqua Lounge glow in the dark birthday room has everyone talking. And I know our business has increased thanks to your imagination and artwork."

Don & Susan Perkins, Fun America Family Entertainment

"Great professional looking designs, highly recommended."

Jeff Scott, Scottie's Fun Spot     

"We are so thrilled with the work Brent has done. Our facility has a whole new look, and we love it. This adds that little something to our themes, and really makes the whole center come alive. And the customers have noticed, and commented on the creativity and just how amazing it looks."

Rob Gould, General Manager, Interskate 91 South

It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your humor, flexibility, hard work and commitment to the project. Your efforts resulted in a product that has educated and uplifted our students tremendously!

Kelly Stoos, Art Teacher, Paul Cuffee School

...thank you, profusely, for the tremendous work that you did with our students at Paul Cuffee School. I have been admiring the trash cans all week and believe that the significantly add to the beauty of our school.

Michael Obel-Omia, Head of School, Paul Cuffee


"I am writing this letter in support of Brent Bachelder, an outstanding artist and educator.  I met Brent three years ago in 2010 when I had applied for and received a grant from VSAarts RI for my school. I was looking to work with a mural artist who had experience working with children, and from day one, Brent showed that he was perfect for the job.


He was always professional, proactive, prepared, and extremely creative. I was immediately inspired by his enthusiasm for collaboration and creative projects that would include students of all ability levels. 


Brent was able to take a basic idea that I had, for my students to create a permanent mural of the map of the United States, and to transform it into a colorful, three-dimensional permanently installed mural. After discussing ideas Brent created digital images of how the mural could look which helped my art students, including some with learning disabilities, and myself visualize the outcome. 


He was always very responsive to my questions and input and always wanted the students to be as involved as possible. He also created detailed and precise supply lists with pricing, organized invoices to help ease the payment process, and documented the process from start to finish. 


While working with students, Brent always had lessons thoroughly planned out. He always made sure that there was never any “down time” and that all parts of the lesson- from choosing a state, to putting on the final touches- were planned out in a thoughtful way. In addition, Brent always had ample resources available for students to use to help personalize their work.


I also always greatly appreciated his attention to detail, always picking up the large items and preparing larger parts of the mural (like pre-measuring and cutting the wood before students working with students on lay out, etc.). The students who worked with “Mr. Brent” loved his lessons and his great sense of humor. He is the perfect collaborator and teacher- full of creative ideas, always ready to listen, and always excited to try something new!


After this first great experience, I applied and received a RISCA grant the following year and Brent and I collaborated on creating two more murals with my students: one of a three dimensional map of Rhode Island, and one of our school logo, the Metcalf Mustang. Again, this experience was amazing, and with the help of Brent, all three murals came out better than I could have anticipated.


Students still talk about “Mr. Brent” fondly and the parents and staff could not be happier with how these amazing works of art instantly transformed our once dull walls into a vibrant elementary school. I plan on working with Brent in the near future again and would highly recommend him for any artistic teaching position he applies for."



Sharon Lafrenaye, Art teacher, grade 3-6
Metcalf Elementary School
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